About me

About me

As a future of work psychologist (MA Organizational Psychology, Columbia University-TC, New York City), I have consulted organizations and individuals globally for more than 18 years.

  • Virtual work is my everyday business
  • Emotional intelligence is my strength
  • Tapping potential, seeking solutions is my passion


As a former employee of Mercer (UK & DE), Deloitte Consulting (US & DE), Barilla (IT) I have developed skills in HR, organizational design & talent management. Being a NY State certified mediator and conflict manager I acquired strong communication and stakeholder management skills. With an inquisitive nature I am a constant explorer of new cultures and avid learner.

  • Digital Transformation (MIT USA)
  • career coaching (CIPD London)
  • systemic consulting/coaching skills (IFW Munich)

Believing in the development of others and myself I am:

  • A member of the German Career Development Society, DGfK
  • Certified SHL OPQ Consultant
  • A university lecturer for the future of work at LMU and EUGLOH – a European University Alliance for Global Health
  • non-profit consultant for 180° Consulting & community mediatior – IMCR