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On an individual or organizational level, let’s look at your talent potential, Future of Work transferable skills and align with your future goals or your organization's strategy.

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Key Note – Sharp Technologies – 11.02.2021” 4-5pm GMT

Join us and listen to experts on how work has changed over the past 12 months and what your business can do to support cross-generational productivity at work.

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Viola K. Kraus
MA Organizational Psychology & Conflict Management
Columbia University | Certified Mediator (New York State)

Kraus, talentEQ | c/o Deko Kraus
Brahmsstr. 7, 81677 München

Telephone: +49 (0) 176 64355210
Skype: Viola Kraus talentEQ
Email: info@talenteq.de
Tax ID: 145/147/20410 / DE271748202

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